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Car Suspension Tester

Anche is a professional manufacturer of car suspension testers, with a professional and strong R&D and design team that can customize the needs of different customers. Anche car suspension tester adopts the resonance method to measure the force, which can quickly measure the actual situation of suspension device of vehicles without disassembly, and then judge the suspension device, mainly testing the performance and quality of the shock absorber.

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Product Description

Working principle of Car Suspension Tester:

The vehicle is parked at the designated position and is forced to vibrate on the tester and the suspension device of the vehicle through an exciter composed of an electric motor, eccentric wheel, energy storage flywheel, and spring. After turning on the tester for a few seconds, disconnect the power supply to the motor, thereby generating sweep frequency excitation from the energy storage flywheel. Due to the higher frequency of the motor compared to the natural frequency of the wheel, the sweeping excitation process of the energy storage flywheel gradually decelerating can always sweep to the natural vibration frequency of the wheel, causing resonance in the test plate and the vehicle. By detecting the vibration curve of force or displacement during the vibration attenuation process after excitation, the frequency and attenuation characteristics can be determined to determine the performance of the suspension damper.


1) It is welded from a solid square steel pipe and carbon steel plate structure, with a sturdy structure, high strength and beautiful appearance.

2) The measurement components use high-precision force and wheel load sensors, with precise and accurate data.

3) The signal connection interface adopts an aviation plug design, which ensures fast and efficient installation, stable and reliable data.

4) It has strong compatibility and can be compatible with different vehicle models for testing.


Anche car suspension tester is designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with the Chinese national standard JT/T448-2001 Automotive suspension tester and JJF1192-2008 Calibration specification for automotive suspension tester. It is logical in design, durable in its components, precise in measurement, simple in operation, comprehensive in functions, and clear in display. The measurement results and guidance information can be displayed on the LED screen.

Anche car suspension tester is suitable for different industries and fields, and can be used for maintenance and diagnosis in the automotive aftermarket, as well as for vehicle inspection at test centers.



ACXJ-160 enhanced type

Maximum axle load mass (kg)


Maximum test wheel load (kg)


Absorption repeatability


Weighing indication error


Dimension (L×W×H) mm


Motor power supply


Motor power (kw)


Sensor power supply


Weight division value (kg)


Initial excitation frequency (Hz)



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