3-Ton Chassis Dynamometer
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3-Ton Chassis Dynamometer

You can purchase 3-ton chassis dynamometer from Anche with confidence, as we are a professional manufacturer of chassis dynamometers, with a strong R&D and design team that can be customize the needs of different customers. The chassis dynamometer is designed to measure the output power of the driving wheels of vehicles under rated torque, the output power of the driving wheels under rated power, the rolling resistance of the wheels under multiple speeds, as well as to test the resistance of the chassis transmission system, acceleration time, sliding distance and speed indication error of speedometer.

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Product Description

Working principle of 3-Ton Chassis Dynamometer

The driving wheels of the vehicle drive the main and auxiliary rollers to rotate. In the absence of slippage on the tire and roller surfaces, the linear speed on the roller surface is the driving speed of the vehicle. The speed sensor installed on the active roller outputs a pulse signal, and the pulse frequency is proportional to the roller speed.

The road resistance during driving is simulated by eddy current loading, and the translational inertia of the vehicle and the rotational inertia of non-driving wheels are simulated by the flywheel inertia system.

When the excitation current of the eddy current machine interacts with the rotating external magnetic field, a braking torque is generated, which reacts on the surface of the roller and acts on the S-shaped pressure sensor through the force arm. The output analog signal of the sensor is proportional to the magnitude of the braking torque.

According to relevant physical theorems, the power P can be calculated with the vehicle speed (speed) and traction force (torque).


1. The chassis dynamometer is welded with square steel pipes and high-quality carbon steel plates, with a sturdy structure and high strength.

2. The surface of the roller is treated with special technology, with high adhesion coefficient and good wear resistance;

3. A high-power air-cooled eddy current power absorption device is adopted, with superior performance and easy installation;

4. The measurement components use high-precision encoders and force sensors, which can obtain precise and accurate data;

5. The signal connection interface adopts an aviation plug design, which ensures fast and efficient installation and stable and reliable data;

6. The rollers are highly precise in dynamic balancing and runs smoothly.


Anche 3-ton chassis dynamometer is designed and produced strictly in accordance with the Chinese national standards GB 18285 Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from gasoline vehicles under two-speed idle conditions and short driving mode conditions, GB 3847 Limits and measurement methods for emissions from diesel vehicles under free acceleration and lug down cycle, as well as HJ/T 290 Equipment specifications and quality control requirements for gasoline vehicles exhaust emission test in short transient loaded mode, HJ/T 291 Equipment specifications and quality control requirements for gasoline vehicles exhaust emission test in steady-state loaded mode, and JJ/F 1221 Calibration specification for chassis dynamometers for automotive emission testing. Anche chassis dynamometer is logical in design, sturdy and durable in its components, precise in measurement, simple in operation, comprehensive in its functions, and clear in display. The measurement results and guidance information can be displayed on the LED screen.

Anche chassis dynamometer is suitable for different industries and fields, and can be used in the automotive aftermarket for maintenance and diagnosis, as well as in motor vehicle test centers for vehicle inspection.

Parameters of 3-Ton Chassis Dynamometer

Product Model


Maximum Axle Load


Roller Size


Maximum Speed


Maximum Testable




Roller Dynamic

Balance Accuracy


Machine Inertia




Power Supply

AC 380±38V/220±22V   50Hz±1Hz


0 ℃ ~40 ℃




Boundary  Dimensions

( L×W×H)


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