13-Ton Side Slip Tester
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13-Ton Side Slip Tester

Anche 13-ton side slip tester is specifically used to measure the matching of wheel camber and toe-in during the running of heavy duty vehicles, manifested as the amount of side slip of the wheel. Anche is a professional manufacturer of side slip testers, with a professional and strong R&D and design team that can customize the needs of different customers.

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Product Description

Anche side slip tester is a device that detects the lateral movement of the steering wheel of a vehicle, thereby determining whether the side slip parameters of the vehicle are qualified. It is one of the devices for testing the safety performance and comprehensive performance of motor vehicles.

Working principle:

The vehicle approaches straight towards the side slip tester. As the steering wheel passes by the plate, it will generate a lateral force perpendicular to the driving direction on the plate. Under the push of the lateral force, both plates slide inward or outward at the same time. The lateral slip of the plate is converted into electrical signals through displacement sensors, and the lateral slip value is calculated by the control system.

Structural features:

1. With an integral platform structure, the tester is welded together with the overall square steel pipe and carbon steel plate structure, with high structural strength and modern appearance.

2. The measurement components use high-precision displacement sensors, which can obtain precise and accurate data.

3. The signal connection interface adopts an aviation plug design, which ensures fast and efficient installation and stable and reliable data.

4. It is equipped with relaxation plates to release lateral forces on vehicles entering the device, ensuring accuracy of values.

5. It is equipped with a locking mechanism for locking the plate in non-inspection situations to prevent damage to the mechanism.

Application of 13-Ton Side Slip Tester:

Anche side slip tester is designed and produced strictly in accordance with the Chinese national standards JT/T507-2004 Automobile side slip tester and JJG908-2009 Automobile side slip tester. The tester has logical design and is equipped with sturdy and durable components. The whole device is precise in measurement, simple in operation, comprehensive in functions and clear in display. The measurement results and guidance information can be displayed on the LED screen.

Anche side slip tester is suitable for different industries and fields, and can be used for maintenance and diagnosis in the automotive aftermarket, as well as for vehicle inspection at test centers.

Parameters of 13-Ton Side Slip Tester



Allowable shaft mass (kg)


Testing range (m/km)


Indication error (m/km)


Side slide size (mm)


Relaxing  board  size (mm) (optional)


Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm


Sensor power supply



Double-plate linkage


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